Mission & Goals


New York Tibetan Services Center (NYTSC) is an New York City based nonprofit organization dedicated to the social and economic mobility and academic success of New York City immigrants originating primarily from Tibetan/Himalayan communities – many of whom are refugees and/or members of marginalized and disadvantaged communities.

We work with a simple goal to assist immigrant communities in their quest for a better future to the greatest extent possible through the provision of services and access to resources while maintaining close tie to their cultural heritage.

Primary Goals

  • To provide essential programs for immigrants to help their social integration and adjustment to life in a new country through guidance and resources, while continuing to maintain close ties to their native communities and culture.
  • To offer a bilingual (English and native language) curriculum for the children for refugees,to ensure their cognitive development and academic success while maintaining an appreciation of their cultural heritage.
  • Through education, language and individual attention, bringing empowerment and independent to the New York Tibetan and Himalayan communities as a whole.