Social Service

– Basic Immigration and Naturalization Forms:
NYTSC offers comprehensive assistance understanding and properly completing immigration forms as well as requirements for obtaining American citizenship and/or residency. We can also help clients complete their employment eligibility applications and petitions for family members. The following is a list of all the forms we help with: N-400 (Application for Citizenship), I-485 (Application for Green Card), I-130 (Application for Immigration of Relative), I-765 (Application for Work Permit), and I-131 (Application for Travel Documentation).

– Translation and Interpretation:
We provide translation assistance for the following languages: Tibetan, English, Chinese, and Nepali. Translation of written documents is available as well as verbal translation. We are able to translate in a variety of circumstances including, but not limited, to parent-teacher conferences, phone interviews, and medical situations. We welcome clients to contact us regarding any of their translation needs.

– Public Welfare and Benefits Information:
Comprehensive assistance understanding eligibility and properly completing forms required for federal, state, and community programs is also offered. This includes forms required for aid for immigrants, and food, medical, and rental assistance programs. Clients who have questions about what they might be eligible for can also be served.

– Parenting Workshops:
NYTSC focuses on serving our community families, we also offer workshops and conferences for parents of any age child. Mommy and Me clubs, behavior management classes for parents of young children, and communication and cultural awareness workshops for parents of pre-teens and teenagers. New classes can be formed as needs arise to discuss and manage family tensions.

– Job Search and Development:
NYTSC can help with resume preparation, development of potential job skills, interview guidance and practice, and some special training for local service jobs. We are also able explore career options with clients and network with local community references and potential employers to find successful matches for their employment needs.