Himalayan Cultural Programs

Himalayan Cultural Programs

– Diki Tibetan Sunday School:
Every Sunday, NYTSC offers a comprehensive Tibetan Culture and Language school for Tibetan youth. Classes are taught on Tibetan language, culture, history, religion, arts, dance, and music. Appreciation of traditional Tibetan culture is taught in an American way in order to present the best that both cultures have to offer. Many Tibetan community members are recruited to participate as teachers and students in order to aid in this important preservation of Tibetan culture.

– Traditional Tibetan Music & Dance Classes :
Students learn an appreciation for traditional Tibetan music, dress, and dance while also learning to perform a traditional Tibetan production/performance for their community. Open to students and their parents.

– Himalayan Thangka Art Class :
Traditional and Contemporary Tibetan arts play a significant role in preserving and promoting Tibetan culture in the wider world audience. This course is taught by a professional Thangka Master and is offered separately to both adults and children. Students will learn basic to advanced skills of thangka art as well as an appreciation of Tibetan expression and culture. Register For Thangka Art Class

– Tibetan Opera or “Al-Che-lha-mo” :
Drawn from Buddhist stories and Tibetan folklore history, this traditional opera consists of authentic dances, chants, songs, costumes, and stage designs, which originate back to the 14th century. Students, parents, teachers, and community members combine their efforts, knowledge, and creativity to create an authentic Tibetan experience within a modern theater. Performances are open to the public.

– Drama Club (3rd gr. to adult only) :
Students and their parents learn to express themselves and perform in plays highlighting Tibetan/American cultures , issues, and current events.

– Cultural Exchange Group Tour to Tibet :
This yearly summer trip allows community members to travel in a small group to Tibetan for a short trip to absorb and exchange thoughts and experiences within the Tibetan community. The goal of this trip is to allow American born Tibetans and, others who have never visited their homeland, the opportunity to experience their own culture first hand. Participation includes visits to historical sites, traditional meals, and immersion within the Tibetan culture.

– Bhutanese Culture and Language School:
Coordinated by Mr. Ulap Leki, Bhutanese Culture and Language School is a Sunday school program designed for children age 18 and under. Subjects and fields ranging from oral and written communication in Dzongkha, Driglam Namzha (Bhutanese etiquette), Thuen (prayer), Boedra and Rigsar (song and dance), traditional Bhutanese instruments and Bhutanese skits will be taught at different levels in accordance with the student’s ability and understanding of the subject matter. Students will also get the opportunity to perform at different community events.