Our Programs

Himalayan Cultural Programs– 

Tibetan Sunday School:
Every Sunday, NYTSC offers a comprehensive Tibetan Culture and Language school for Tibetan youth. Classes are taught on Tibetan language, culture, history, religion, arts, dance, and music. Appreciation of traditional Tibetan culture is taught in an American way in order to present the best that both cultures have to offer. Many Tibetan community members are recruited to participate as teachers and students in order to aid in this important preservation of Tibetan culture. (Not funded by government. This program is fee based paid by parents.)

– Traditional Tibetan Music & Dance Classes :
Students learn an appreciation for traditional Tibetan music, dress, and dance while also learning to perform a traditional Tibetan production/performance for their community. Open to students and their parents. (Not funded by government. This program is fee based.)

– Himalayan Thangka Art Class :
Traditional and Contemporary Tibetan arts play a significant role in preserving and promoting Tibetan culture in the wider world audience. This course is taught by a professional Thangka Master and is offered separately to both adults and children. Students will learn basic to advanced skills of thangka art as well as an appreciation of Tibetan expression and culture. (Not funded by government. This program is fee based.)

– Tibetan Opera or “Al-Che-lha-mo” :
Drawn from Buddhist stories and Tibetan folklore history, this traditional opera consists of authentic dances, chants, songs, costumes, and stage designs, which originate back to the 14th century. Students, parents, teachers, and community members combine their efforts, knowledge, and creativity to create an authentic Tibetan experience within a modern theater. Performances are open to the public. (Not funded by government. This program is free for all. Instructors are paid by NYTSC)

– Cultural Exchange Group Tour to Tibet :
This yearly summer trip allows community members to travel in a small group to Tibet for a short trip to absorb and exchange thoughts and experiences within the Tibetan community. The goal of this trip is to allow American born Tibetans kids and other adults who have never visited their homeland, the opportunity to experience their own culture first hand. Participation includes visits to historical sites, traditional meals, lodging and immersion within the Tibetan culture. (Not funded by government. This program is paid by family.)

Youth and Children

– COMPASS Elementary School and SONYC Middle School Program:
NYTSC is honored to host NYC Department of Youth and Community Development funded after school enrichment program for our elementary and middle school youth. The main goals of the after school program include building academic skills and providing opportunities for youth to explore their interests and creativity. Students will have the option to participate in a diversity of clubs including different Hip-Hop and Tibetan dance, Contemporary and Tibetan Traditional music, film, and design. These clubs will be saturated with literacy and science skills to give our students a fun experience that will also help them in school. (Funded by government. This is the only program funded by the government and is free of charge, space is limited)

– Tutoring:
Small group and one on one tutoring sessions are available for students of all ages. Primary subjects addressed are reading, writing, and other literacy skills as well as math. This tutoring is designed to allow students to receive some extra support for challenging academic subjects and homework help. It is offered on an as needed basis. (Not funded by government. This program is fee based.)

– Summer Camp:
Tibetan School classes, including dance, music, language, and art, are expanded over the summer to form a camp setting in which students receive additional thought provoking and community building experiences. Trips are made to local sites in order to enhance cultural appreciation and provide students with a fun and exciting way to spend their summer. (Not funded by government. This program is fee based.)

– Youth Mentoring and Leadership Workshop:
Community members who have excelled in their field or performed outstanding achievements are welcomed back to lead workshops and seminars for middle and high school youth. NYTSC believes strongly in having peer role-models and encouraging out students with authentic stories of success from their own community. (Not funded by government. This program is free for all.)

– Music & Dance Class:
Students, parents, and community members learn appreciation of, and how to perform Tibetan music and dance for community education and appreciation. Taught by teachers from within the Tibetan community, cultural appreciation of this traditional dance and music, along with its accompanying costumes designs, stage designs, are open to all community members. (Not funded by government. This program is fee based.)

– Chinese Language Classes:
Beginner Chinese (Mandarin) language classes are offered to youth on a weekly basis. These classes focus primarily on speaking with a brief overview of the fundamentals of reading and writing. Any student is welcome to join and improve their Chinese language skills. (Not funded by government. This program is fee based.)

Adult Education and Training

– English as a Second Language:
NYTSC offers English as a Second Language in two levels, basic and intermediate, for adults over the age of 18. Participants will receive instruction in reading, writing, listening, and speaking as well as practice for improving their pronunciation and understanding. These courses are offered as a means to improve participants comfort and confidence performing daily tasks in English speaking communities. (Not funded by government. This program is free to all provided by volunteers instructor.)

– GED Preparation:
This course prepares individuals to take the GED exam through a review of the five GED content areas (writing, math, literature, social studies, and science) with particular emphasis on writing and math. This class is also appropriate for students interested in improving their basic skills before entering college credit classes. (Not funded by government. This program is free to all provided by volunteer instructor.)

– Citizenship Preparation:
This course will prepare participants to take each section of the U.S. citizenship test and it will cover topics such as civics, the U.S. government, history, geography, reading, and writing. It will also cover tips on how study for the test and practice for completing the interview portion of the test.

This course is for those just starting to use computers. Participants will learn about the basics of computer handling, word processing, and internet use. They will also be able to sign up for an email account if they do not already posses one. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. Additionally, basic skills for hand devices such as smart phones and tablets are also provided. (Not funded by government. This program is free for all provided by volunteer instructors.)

Social Service

– Basic Immigration and Naturalization Forms:
NYTSC offers comprehensive assistance understanding and properly completing immigration forms as well as requirements for obtaining American citizenship and/or residency. We can also help clients complete their employment eligibility applications and petitions for family members. The following is a list of all the forms we help with: N-400 (Application for Citizenship), I-485 (Application for Green Card), I-130 (Application for Immigration of Relative), I-765 (Application for Work Permit), and I-131 (Application for Travel Documentation). (Not funded by government. This program is free to all provided by volunteer instructor.)

– Translation and Interpretation:
We provide translation assistance for the following languages: Tibetan, English, Chinese, and Nepali. Translation of written documents is available as well as verbal translation. We are able to translate in a variety of circumstances including, but not limited, to parent-teacher conferences, phone interviews, and medical situations. We welcome clients to contact us regarding any of their translation needs. (Not funded by government. This program is free for all. Interpreter is paid by third party through NYTSC)

– Public Welfare and Benefits Information:
Comprehensive assistance understanding eligibility and properly completing forms required for federal, state, and community programs is also offered. This includes forms required for aid for immigrants, and food, medical, and rental assistance programs. Clients who have questions about what they might be eligible for can also be served. (Not funded by government. This program is free for all.)

– Job Search and Development:
NYTSC can help with resume preparation, development of potential job skills, interview guidance and practice, and some special training for local service jobs. We are also able explore career options with clients and network with local community references and potential employers to find successful matches for their employment needs. (Not funded by government. This program is free for all.)

– Health and Safety Training:
Workshops providing specialized training for the health & safety of all community members. CPR, emergency, fire and home safety, child care, elderly/disabled companions workshops available, as well as, general American safety and cultural guidelines. (Not funded by government. This program is fee based.)